Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Here's a old scraper that I penciled down back in 2002. The other day I installed a trial of Painter-X, a truly wicked prog. I used it together with PS,CS3 here. And I must say the feel you get with Painter-X, the handling, the natural way of doing stuff is impressive. Try it out if you can! ;)

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Order out of chaos

"Order out of chaos" In many ways I like this approach to art. I did this face/mask out of the same photo I made the Ancient astronaut out of. When I make something just for the sake of it, I love to mess about and see what happens, and belive me, lot's of strange things tend to do. I'm a bit hung up on this "art by accident/Order out of chaos" thingie ,so I'll head on over to my dark vault and rip out some more. Hope you like them! 8)
Ancient astronaut 27.jan 2010 (Actually, this piece was made by warping and ph-shopping a old photography I took of the fountain in Piccadilly circus ages ago.)